About this Site


Are you Crying Out at the wonder of the natural world? Or Weeping for what is happening to nature and to people as a result of climate change? Perhaps you are doing both?

At Hadfield Methodist Church we are hosting a display of art work on this theme as part of the Speak Up Campaign Week of Action against climate change in October 2016.

Drawings, paintings and collages will be displayed in our Church Window on Station Road, Hadfield and photos on this site.

To this end, we are looking for original photos on the theme which can be in any common digital format, e.g. JPG, PNG. All photos should be sent to Bruce Levitan.

You can also submit artwork: if you want to submit a drawing, painting or collage please scan and send to Bruce Levitan.

If you are local, you can also submit artwork direct to Caroline Phillips (see Circuit Directory).

Children’s artwork will be entered into a completion with a small prize for the best entry (note: this applies to original artwork, not scans or copies).